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Whether it’s fun festive activities, big fundraising pushes, or providing vital services throughout the holidays, we know there are staff and volunteers who selflessly give up their time to make sure everyone feels the Christmas spirit. 

Read about our Christmas Heroes and the whole spectrum of activity happening across our sector below or find ways you can take action this Christmas. 

Christmas Volunteers

Christmas time can be challenging for some, but with the help of the storytellers, the meal deliverers, and the helpline volunteers, the world becomes just a bit lighter.

Throughout the Christmas season, charities, community groups, and social enterprises will dedicate their time to ensure this time of year is joyful and magical for everyone, even the most vulnerable in our communities. 



Find out if the charity you want to support, by volunteering or donating, is a registered charity

Find all kinds of volunteer opportunities this Christmas season and year round on our Volunteer page

Learn more about the staff and volunteers in your towns & villages who are making a difference this Christmas

Tell us about your Christmas hero story on social media, tag @weactireland, and use the hashtag #WeAct

Sr Rosemary with Crochet items
Staff member at Ronald McDonald house wraps presents for Christmas
Mary's Meals


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