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Open Call: We Act @ Culture Night


We Act is collaborating with Culture Night to host a special programme of events aimed at sharing your organisations with the public.


Whether you’re in the arts space or you run overseas aid programmes, if you’re a tiny rural youth centre or a large mental health charity in a city, we want you to open your doors and showcase what you do for one evening, on Friday, 23 September 2022.

What is Culture Night? 


Culture Night / Oíche Chultúir is brought to you by the Arts Council; it is a national moment, celebrating culture, creativity and the arts and seeks to actively promote the belief that this rich and varied culture is alive, treasured and nurtured in people’s lives, today and every day. 


It is delivered nationwide in cities, towns, villages and rural locations as well as online and through media partners. Over 1.1 million people engaged with Culture Night in 2021. 

Doors are opened late and special and unique events are specifically programmed at participating locations and, thanks to the continued support of the Arts Council and Local Authorities across the island of Ireland, all activities are made available to the public free of charge. 

Why is We Act taking part in Culture Night?


Charity and community work is part of our culture; looking out for your neighbours, washing the jerseys for your local team, hosting a coffee morning for a hospice, campaigning for causes you’re passionate about, or providing care, dignity and understanding for those who need it most. 


We want to celebrate that aspect of our culture in all its forms.


We want to share the work of organisations like yours, face to face, with your local communities and the wider public. And we are excited, after two years of closed doors and social distancing, to finally open up again and let people in!  

Why should my organisation take part?  


Taking part is a chance to showcase your organisation, the work you do and the impact you have.


It’s an opportunity to connect with current or potential volunteers, supporters, participants or service users. You could collaborate with other local organisations, or bring in guest speakers, tour guides or performers.


Culture Night is a large, vibrant, feel-good national event, and you could be part of it. Plus being part of the We Act @ Culture Night programme will help us to highlight your event and showcase the work you do across our platforms and in the media.  


How do we take part?  

Before you sign up, think about what you want to do for your event. Culture Night is not simply an open house, it’s about connection, discovery and celebration. Think about ways you can make your event more engaging or interactive. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, perhaps join forces with another organisation or plan a panel discussion, tour, music or performances.  

Remember, you don’t need to be an arts or heritage organisation to take part – we’re encouraging all kinds of charities and community groups to get involved!


Do apply as soon as possible though as each Local Arts Office has different closing dates.  

Make sure you put We Act in the title of your event so it can be highlighted on the Culture Night website, and we can promote is as part of We Act @ Culture Night.  

The programme is managed at a county level through Local Arts Office, so you’ll be liaising with them on the event itself. However, if you’re signing up, email to let us know and we can make sure we showcase your event and send out posters and badges.  

We Act is a campaign that’s all about celebrating the charity and community sector. It’s also about breaking down barriers and increasing understanding between the public and the organisations at work in their communities.


Since the very beginning of this campaign, it was an ambition to literally open the doors of charities and community groups around Ireland, and to let the public see inside.


And now is our chance!  

Got questions? Drop us a line or visit 

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